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New Inn 1900

The New Inn was probably built in 1851/52, as it is not shown in the 1851 census but is recorded in the 1853 Trade Directory. It was owned by William Linton (farmer and maltster) of Westwick Hall who supplied malt to several local breweries. William Norman (beer retailer) was tenant in 1853, followed by William Moore (inn keeper) and wife Ann Moore (nee Doggett) from 1858. The New Inn was sited next to Oakington Railway station on the Cambridge to St Ives line (now the Cambridgeshire guided busway) in what is now 45 Station Road. The railway had opened on 17th August 1847, and was very busy up until its closure to passengers in 1970.

Station Cottages, 1915. On the left of this photograph, you can see the railway crossing and, immediately to the right of it, Oakington train station. The New Inn is the next building along, adjacent to but detached from the row of terraced cottages in the centre of the picture.

Owner William Linton of Westwick Hall leased the New Inn to Charles Male (brewer of Cottenham) by indenture on 16th July 1864. The agreement Charles to lease the New Inn for 14 years at £8 per year plus 4 ½ % PA interest (paid twice yearly on 5th March and 29th September), provided he continued to buy his malt from William Linton and to run the New Inn as a pub and not convert to any other use. Charles Male had his brewery in Cottenham High Street and supplied seven pubs in and around Cottenham between 1885 (when he bought the business from his brother-in-law Richard Haddow Norman) until 1890 (when it was sold by auction by his widow after he died in 1885). It is possible that the White Horse in Oakington was also supplied by him, as it was also owned by the Linton family.

Meanwhile, William and Ann Moore continued as publicans at the new Inn through the 1860’s, 70’s and 80’s, although by 1888 only Mrs Ann Moore is listed. William Moore Jn. (son of William and Ann) and his wife Alice ran the pub briefly around 1891, before the tenancy was taken over by Horace Pink (beer retailer) in 1892 and then by Mrs Catherine Pink in 1908, George Green (1922), John Crenin (1924), and Henry (Harry) Taylor (1926).

Licence applications from 1882 and 1926 show the owner as John H Linton. However, in 1882 he was leasing the New Inn to the Star Brewery in Cambridge, and later his executors were also leasing the pub. The New Inn was put up for sale by the Trustees of John Linton in 1932, and it appears that around this time it was also being leased by an Isabells King of the Tally Ho pub in Trumpington to Wells and Winch (brewers of Biggleswade). Wells and Winch acquired the New Inn outright on 25 March 1936, when according to records it was conveyed to them from I H King and E Gasgoine. Wells and Winch continued to supply the New Inn with beer until their merger with Greene King & Co of Bury St Edmunds in 1961, and after the merger beer continued to be supplied from Greene King Biggleswade until 1989 when the Biggleswade brewery converted mainly to the manufacture of lager. A number of different tenants ran the New Inn during this period, with the longest serving being Jean and Stanley Ralph Marfleet (1951–1966). The last tenants were Colin and Barbara Wintle (Sept 1988 to May 1989).

The Centenary Club (a cycle club for company executives involved in the bicycle manufacturing industry) stopped at the New Inn for a morning drink on its Saturday ride during its weekend visit to Cambridge 8–10 October 1965

The Cambridge to St Ives railway, and Oakington station (to which the New Inn was adjacent), closed to passengers on 5th October 1970. Although a small number of freight trains continued to use the line until 1992, a substantial proportion of the New Inn’s business had gone, never to return. Greene King closed the pub in 1989, with one week’s notice. The New Inn’s last day was Sunday 21st May 1989, a very hot afternoon in the middle of a two-week heatwave, closing at 2 pm. Two days later, the brewery workers had cleared out everything, including all signs, leading an eyewitness to report that the building “now looks derelict”.

The New Inn’s last day, 21 May 1989

The former New Inn in 2016


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