Although The White Horse is the only pub in Oakington today, it wasn’t always the case. At the turn of the 19th century there were eight pubs in the village, however when three of them had their licenses refused in 1905 only 5 survived. Although there have been more than eight pubs in Oakington, but probably did not exist at the same time. The Red Bull was on Longstanton Road and is mentioned in the 1834 enclosures awards, but we do not know how long it survived after that. In addition both the Harvest Home and White Horse have been on different sites. The Harvest Home was a thatched cottage on Cambridge Road and then moved to the crossroads, where unlike the first Harvest Home the building still survives today. The White Horse which dates back to the 1700s was originally close to the crossroads and later moved sometime in the 19th century to its current location.  Below is a brief summary of them all:-

The Butchers Arms, Water Lane, closed 13th April 1957

The Harvest Home, Cambridge Road, then Crossroads, closed 10th March 1951

The Kings Head, Longstanton Road, closed 30th June 1905

The Lion & Lamb, High Street, closed 1909

The New Inn, Station Road, closed 21st May 1989

The Plough & Harrow, Longstanton Road, closed 30th June 1905

The Red Bull, Longstanton Road, closed sometime after 1834

The Windmill, High Street, closed 30th June 1905

The White Horse, Longstanton Road