(Originally owned and run by the Papworths)

This picture, taken around 1910, shows the bakery owner, Edward Papworth and Mrs Maud Papworth. The boy is Ernest Papworth, and the girls are Ethel and Gwen Papworth.

The bakery, now 21 High Street, and adjoining Milford House (23 High Street) were built by Mr Charles Papworth who also had the windmill on Mill Lane built in 1868. The Papworths were known for building their properties right on the road edge, as can be seen here and in other parts of the village such as Mafeking Cottages (9-13 High Street).

The baker on the right is holding a peel, which was used to withdraw baked loaves from the oven.

George Barker and his wife Joan took over the bakery in 1950, when they set up Barkers Bakery. Barkers could be seen delivering bread door-to-door in Oakington and nearby villages, and the smell of fresh bread from their bakery on High Street was a feature of life in Oakington.

Barkers Bakery is now based in nearby Cottenham, and both 21 High Street and 23 High Street are now private houses.

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