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The Ware family moved into No. 3 after it was first built in around 1965.

Jason Ware recalls:-

I have fond memories of living there. My dad built and flew remote control aircraft on Oakington airfield. One year he put a reward out for the return of one of his crashed aircraft, that he lost. Dad also loved his motorbikes, he used to take us on the back occasionally. Dad was always in his shed building or repairing something, we had an intercom between the house and shed. Dad bought us a Raleigh Wisp from the Stearns one summer, for 5 pounds. It was cheap because it wasn’t going, Dad got it going in about 10 minutes. Andrew and I used to ride it around the village, we used to scramble it in that reserve up at the corner of Mill Rd. It had no suspension, Andy broke the back axle jumping a ditch. We used to find a lot of expended blank bullets over on the airfield, some live. We used to get the cordite out of the live ones (my dad taught me how to do this safely) and make various explosive devices. I found all sorts of stuff over there, because the military used to do manoeuvres and leave things behind.

Fond memories of getting eggs from the Warboys’ and bread from the bakery, and generally getting up to mischief with other kids in the village. We used to wander miles across the fields and cycle to other villages to go fishing. Later on, The White Horse pub opened a bar for kids, which was bliss in the summer.

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