The High Street water pump was one of three known pumps in Oakington & Westwick. It was on corner of High Street & Water Lane where No. 2 High Street is now.

There was another by the White Horse public house, which was fed from a natural spring on the airfield and one by the bridge over Becks Brook in Westwick.

View looking up High Street from the junction with Water Lane, with the pump on the right. This photograph also shows the butcher’s shop on the left.

The High Street water pump was supplied by a cast iron pipe from a well on Manor Farm. In his History of Oakington, Ralph Warboys noted that “Because of the head of water from the hill this pipe would have water flowing from it even when not being pumped. To supply the school house with water boys would be sent with a pail. When relating this story to schoolchildren I usually state that if one boy went it took five minutes, if two boys went it took ten minutes, if three boys went it took [a] quarter of an hour and they came back soaking wet!”

An earlier photo from those above, showing the condition of the road