Built by the Morris sisters shortly after Myrtle Cottage, which was built in 1884, 78 High Street was rented out to tenants. The water pump fed from the well in the garden was situated at 78, so the tenants had no need to enter the garden of Myrtle Cottage. A gate in the back garden gave the owners access to the pump.

In the seventies it was occupied my Miss Claydon, a relative of Mrs Olive Doggett next door. It was sold in the late seventies and occupied by Chris and Christine Dobbs. They both studied at Cambridge University. Chris Dobbs was one of the divers who were responsible for the raising of the Mary Rose on the 11th October, 1982. Starting in 1979, he has been involved in the project ever since and is now ‘Head of Interpretation’ at the Mary Rose Trust.

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