Church View was built in the late seventies, prior to that it was a pasture field, which was part of the Manor House. Oakington resident John Bull who lived in a bungalow opposite the School (it stood in the plot now occupied by 51 Water Lane), kept his two horses Lucy & Hopeful in there. According to the 1834 Enclosures Award Act the field was known as Camping Close.

The field was sold on the 19th July 1973, by the Owens, who were the owners of the Manor House, as a building plot.

Building started in 1978 and the development consisted of 2 detached bungalows, 9 detached houses, 4 semi detached houses and 13 terraced houses. The 1st builder went bankrupt and R & H Wale took over in 1979 the first residents moved in late 1980.

The History of Church View by Julie Grove

Church View, or to give it its correct title, Camping Close. was owned by Queens College as part of the Church estate and later owned by the Manor, Jack Ravensdale, famous local Historian, owned the Manor around 1959 it is mentioned in our house deeds, Camping Close was used for all religious festivals, feasts and fairs, the name comes from Camp ball a front runner of football, played with an inflated pig’s bladder. Inter village matches were played on Good Friday as part of the Easter celebrations. (For interest type Medieval football into Wikipedia). An aside here, in medieval times the Church Wardens often brewed small beer to sell at these events, in order to help with church finances.

Camping Close sat on the junction of Mill Road, previously Gravel Pit Lane, the village gravel pit was situated along the lane behind Camping Close, houses on this side of Church View are piled and suspended floors, up to No 17. We have some gravel patches in our garden. Entrance to the close was through a five-bar gate, situated in the garden of no 20 for some years. Villagers may remember the small spinney at the entrance, loved by children, great cycle track! now drawn into Northstowe. Famous resident prior to the build has to be mentioned, Hopeful, owned by John Bull, a lovely old mare. You may remember Mr Bull lived in the bungalow opposite the school which had a small farmyard attached, bordering the Stocks Green footpath. Hopeful used to look over the gate and wait for the children to make a fuss of her.

Around 1973 the land was sold as building land by the then owners of the Manor. The first builder went into liquidation, R & H Wale builders from Gamlingay, took the site over in 1979 and the first residents started to move in around late 1980. Early residents included Eric and Grace White, some may remember Eric, who taught Woodwork at Impington Village College for years, in later life Grace made violins. Other, now famous, local residents the Grove family who purchased no 17 in January 1981, but were not able to move in until May 7th as the builders dragged their feet.

Church View is rich in archaeology, we have had several test pits, revealing Roman, Saxon, Medieval finds, pottery, bones, ditches and the only Roman coin found in Oakington. A beautiful place to live in the spring, all houses have front gardens which are rich in spring blossom and flowers. A quiet road, we all love living here, until the pandemic we never saw many ‘outsiders’, during lock down more villagers ventured further afield, many heard to remark ‘how lovely’ as they wandered round.

In February 2012 there were a number of road closures and street parties to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

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