The A1307 was built on the farm land of Hazlewell Land Ltd as part of the A14 upgrade which opened in 2020, to provide a road for local traffic, rather than using the A14. It runs for just under 1 mile through the parish of Oakington, from where the bridleway heads towards Longstanton to the Oakington flyover.

The milestone besides the A1307.

The milestone above is one of a number of milestones that were alongside the Huntingdon Road from Cambridge to Huntingdon. They were removed from their original locations, which were much closer to Huntingdon Road and restored as part of the A14 improvements, which started in 2016, first opened in 2020 and were finished in 2022. The Huntingdon Road was originally the A604 and was incorporated into the new A14 in 1992.

There are two interpretation boards on the A1307 within the parish of Oakington and one other on the cycleway leading to Grange Farm from the roundabout linking Dry Drayton Road to A1307. This cycleway also leads to Girton and via a bridge over the A14 to the Huntingdon Road into Cambridge.

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